History of the Project

How our project was born….

The project arose from the meeting between Paul Gasparoni (25 in the catering sector and bakery) and Marco Tomasi (herbalist and owner of a farm).
The contact points were immediately clear: the value of food quality, respect for the environment that surrounds us, the relationship with the people
The land abandonment caused by an economy of prices unsustainable by farmers, resulting in the disappearance of those who care about territory, was personally experienced by Marco.
The project started out on the idea of working towards a sustainable economy, and the result today is called Farm LeBasi.
The company produces and uses exclusively organic wheat purchased directly from the producer, paid a fair price, processing and offering a high quality product for everyone.
Fresh products used in pizzerias we work with follow the same philosophy.
As “we are what we eat” we have chosen the organic world and the sustainable growth in harmony with nature and human beings, aware that the lack of such respect bring health problems to world people!